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A Song for Ernest

Ernest decided his life’s goal in one afternoon…to have a wrecking service. He wanted billboards, sports signs, and a song. You know, a ditty, a jingle, a tune, a song! So he went to see Pop Daddy, cause Daddy could make it happen.

“Daddy, I know what I want to do with my life.”

“Yeah son, what?”

“I wanna be a wrecker company owner.”

“Really, I guess nobody in the country club has ever done that. Let’s do it!”

“You mean it? I thought you might object. Start-up costs and all…” said Ernest.

“Nope, the price of oil is goin’ up. New administration. Only way to go is up. In fact, if only the Cowboys had beaten the Packers, they’d have made Texas great again too. Take a deep breath, can’t you just smell all that green money?” asked Daddy.

Ernest was thrilled. He knew billboards and signs wouldn’t be a problem….but a song might.

“One other thing, Daddy. I need a song!”

“A song?” asked Daddy.

“You know, a jingle. To play on the radio. With my name in it.”

“Well son, I can git you a company, a place, some wreckers and a bunch of signs, but I can’t getcha a song. You’re gonna have to make your own song…”

Ernest shut his eyes. So elusive. He couldn’t even hum. The words escaped him. Where could a person go to find one? How could they capture the essence of it all? Why did it have to be so hard? He just had to have a song!


21 thoughts on “A Song for Ernest

  1. A fun read. Ernest… a tough name to live up to. By the way, what’s a “wrecker company”? Do you mean a “demolition company” as we’d call it up here in Canada?

    • Thanks Sha’Tara. It is the company with tow trucks that picks up wrecked vehicles, abandoned ones, and ones that are impounded. One wrecking service here had a contest last year for people to write their theme song, hence my idea… :- D

  2. Well I’ll just add Jim Croce to my ever expanding list…
    A typical grin inducer from you to end the month, LT. He could always start up a milk round and borrow Benny Hill’s “Ernie” 🙂

  3. Funny! “Nobody at the country club has ever done that” was a surprise. With a name like Ernest, I was expecting a hillbilly. Also loved that there are some things money can’t buy 🙂

    • Well those book trailers can have a ditty, ha ha. Who ever thought of a mini movie to advertise a book? It’s certainly not my strength, not to mention having enough time for the YouTube channel. Lots of pressure for sure!

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