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Piano Sonata

Adrift in the hallways

Piano Sonata in B

wafts along

sterile corridors

arranges itself

into the crevices of hearts

then across the park

drifting through the small spaces

of tree branches

through the scattered consciousness

of dog lovers at play

Songs float on air

tugging the earlobes

of the 7th street office workers

as they mourn another day dying

The pianist ends

her elegant hands

silently slide shut the keyboard cover

and she too

floats down the hall

reflecting momentarily

upon music played

notes skipped

the arrangement of the melody

interlaced with life



29 thoughts on “Piano Sonata

  1. Beautiful post, Lana and this touches me deeply. As you might know, my son plays keyboard and piano to a high standard and we have just returned from a music shop in town looking at a piano for him (he currently has a keyboard). His playing often moves me to tears of joy and connects directly to my very being – hearing him play the pianos in the shop this morning was amazing – and of course, I had to hold back my tears!

    Your poem perfectly and delicately describes the ethereal effect of the piano music and I love its ending of the brilliant and so true lines of:

    ‘the arrangement of the melody

    interlaced with life’.

    • Oh Annika, you and I must be kindred spirits. I love piano music and am so happy to hear your son is a talented piano player. I do have a piano, but sadly have never had the time to learn to play. Music is a true gift. Thank you for your kind words.

  2. Yeesh. Another stunning poem. I love this, Lana. Music is not only a wonderful metaphor for life, but I honestly believe it is a real integral part, expressed most obviously in our heartbeats but all around us. ❤

  3. Music is a language unto itself, Lana. The Sonata in B is particularly difficult (I never attempted it!). Love how your pianist reflects a moment on what she played (and the notes she missed!!)

  4. Simply stunning. I didn’t pick up on any notes skipped. The only skip is what this has provided to my step. Sheer class, LT. 🙂

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