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Pushcart Pushy

If I could win

a Pushcart Prize

I would never

put the cart before

a certain furry farm animal

because I know better

than to use cliches


I would sign off Pop Tarts forever

and eat apples instead

I would even go back

and read Emily Dickinson

once again

with feeling

I would never show up

with chipped nail polish

or dog hair on my sleeve

I’d show up wearing plaid

with tortoise shell glasses

and kitten heels

Have you seen her?”

they would say…

I’d be more poetic

and less pathetic

I would listen to ordinary, boring conversation

like I wasn’t….so bored

In general, I’d be good

so give me one

let’s try it out…

Of course, this little poem is tongue-in-cheek, I will never win a Pushcart Prize, but I can point you to those extraordinary poets who will at The Best American Poetry site:   If you are a poetry fan, you will enjoy the poets there.



19 thoughts on “Pushcart Pushy

  1. There’s nothing like a little bargaining and wheedling to get what you want 🙂
    I had not heard of this prize before – but, all the same, why not – you might very well win it – let’s try for next year! 🙂

  2. I’d give you one, LT. But obvio… Oh come on! I was clearly referring to a Pop Tarts prize, I mean Pushcart. The giggling at the back’s got me flustered.
    I admire the way you wear your hair on your sleev… Can I start this again…

    If there were any justice, LT, a nomination would not only be yours but the main prize too. And that would merely be a stepping stone to bigger and better prizes. I apologise for the juvenile reaction, by some, to your splendid poem and hope you won’t delete anyone as a consequence…

    • Oh Phil, ha ha…I would never do that. I like the sound of a Pop Tarts prize. Truth be told, I eat more apples than tarts, but they are pretty good. Oh well, I shall keep on embracing the writing process….happy writing to you!

  3. Kitten heels? Never! Those things must be murder on one’s feet! As for dog hair on your sleeve, that’s a given, having a fur-baby! I enjoyed this one, Lana, and who knows? Maybe you’ll win one some day!!

  4. I wasn’t sure this was a real prize at the start! Tortoise shell glasses and kitten heels it is!😀😃 Poetic daydreaming is a must in life! And who knows…one day…perhaps.

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