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The Strange Case of Stella

Stella, I say

What do you mean

decked out in fishnets

you scream rock scene

But lately you’ve been

a little wacky and unreal

and your actions I’d say

have a scary feel

Holding vigil at grave sites

of rock stars and such

your videos and photos

and antics

just too much

When you dance in the cemetery

amid candles and flicker

I think you’ll howl at the moon

as you rant, rave and bicker

Now, you say it’s time

to visit the dead in West Texas

purge your magic vibes

dance on the heads

of your exes

I’d rather you gloat

in your apartment alone

post your groupie shot with Bowie

work on your own rock song

Hangin’ with ghosts

designing weird rituals

your macabre behavior

is becoming quite habitual

Savor the insane

it’s open bar

nurse your sick sorrow

drown your seething scar

Drum your beat

in record lined halls

but oh, there it is

the open highway calls…


9 thoughts on “The Strange Case of Stella

  1. Dare I mention i wasn’t familiar with the song? I’m more of a Radiohead kind of guy
    but that’s not to say my foot wasn’t making a bid for movement. 🙂
    Anyway, it was the poem I giddily opened my email for and the poem I giddily enjoyed. Nice play, LT 🙂

    • Thanks Diana, you know Stella has been through a lot lately, but she maintains her free spirit :-D. Thanks for reading and also the lovely compliment. Glad you liked the song, maybe a good one to begin the weekend.

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