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Mary June – Character Sketch

I’m outside the automated door, arms filled to the brims, time nipping at my heels. Mary June sees me as she often does, rides up in her motorized scooter to push the door button for me. The sight of her reminds me of the wonder of people. Her threadbare shirts, missing teeth, these things do not diminish her zest to love, to help, to console those around her. She doesn’t seem to know that somehow things have changed now, that her world may be bent more so by callous leaders who mock the handicapped, the poor, the less privileged. Mary June seems oblivious of people who throw their right arms into the air, hate seeping from the pores of their skin. “How you doin’?” she asks me as she adjusts the front of her red ball cap. I smile and tell I’m fine, tell her the day is glorious outside, that the sunshine awaits her beyond the door, and that the daisy bushes are still in bloom.




27 thoughts on “Mary June – Character Sketch

  1. I got caught up on not knowing if they were inside or outside Lana – but aside from that I liked the resiliency of Mary June. I hope your society does not take a backward step, but rather sees this time as a chance to step up and forwards……

  2. Lovely and hopeful! Mary June reminds me of a young woman who has worked for HEB for years, wears a red ball cap and is always helpful and smiling. I remember one time she escorted my older sister to a seat when she started feeling a little weak as we were grocery shopping. We can pass that one and not let some of the ones in power diminish our lives and speak up whenever we can and should.

  3. How great is Mary June! She and her kind are what keeps the world spinning round. Empathy and love make you richer than anyone. A wonderful character sketch, LT, thank you. 🙂

  4. I feel like I know this lady, or someone just like her. Ever notice it’s the people closest to the bottom of the heap that are most willing to help, using whatever resources they have available? Well done. 🙂

  5. Lana, you’re such a sympathetic lady, no wonder your writing is so poignant! Great characterization here — will May June be part of an upcoming novel or short story, by any chance??

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