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Drawing Lessons

I drew him

as he stood

in the morning light

on a stairway to statues

crafted from the veins of David.

Now I must go back

and fill in spaces

to mark the shadows

creeping in

on my fine, sculpted image.

Someday I will

hang the drawing

in evening’s still light

and sketch the lines

with my bent fingers

quavering touch

through faded eyes

tracing the breath of love

as it turned to frost.


23 thoughts on “Drawing Lessons

  1. I love the interplay of the real and surreal here, esp the “breath of love turning to frost.” Like what goes on in a poet’s mind vs what ends up on the page, and how we always hope to align the two as closely as possible. 🙂

  2. Oh this is sad. Beautiful but as age creeps up on us and leaves us flailing in it’s wake there is sorrow… Lost youth, changing relationships et al. Sigh…
    So in summary, sad, beautiful but very brilliant. Thanks LT 🙂

  3. We and others change as time marches on, right? What we view with young eyes can be vastly different from the way we see things with mature eyes (and of course, what we’re seeing changes as well). Beautiful description, Lana — Happy New Year!

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