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Then One Foggy Christmas Eve…

Open the door now.
Go roll up the collar of your coat
To walk in the changing scarf of mist.

Tell your sins here to the pearl fog
And know for once a deepening night
Strange as the half-meanings
Alurk in a wise woman’s mousey eyes.

Yes, tell your sins
And know how careless a pearl fog is
Of the laws you have broken.   –Carl Sandburg

Christmas Eve and where else would I be but the graveyard.  This photo is from the historic Riverside Cemetery which happens to be one of my favorite spots.  Not because I’m weird or anything (ok, maybe a little) but simply because it is a beautiful place full of a mixture of beautiful trees, flowers, grasses, and even cacti.  The wonderful poem above is perhaps not as well known as Sandburg’s, “the fog comes in on little cat feet…” but it seems a bit more serious in tone.




22 thoughts on “Then One Foggy Christmas Eve…

  1. That scarf of mist may be interfering with my device. Not everything seems to have loaded (like the photograph of the graveyard). I shall return after I’ve jumped up and down and thrown it about a bit….

    • I think WordPress has a glitch or two these days. I did not ever get some of your comments in my notifications. I had checked on your page to see if you had anything new and noticed that you had responded to my comments. If it weren’t for that, I would have never known. Also WordPress seems to be giving us the option to only load one photo. I had several pics of the graveyard that I wanted to share. I don’t know why they did this 😦

      • I’m too well mannered to be rude about WordPress but… Grrrr… 8, 9, 10. If I don’t respond to a comment, LT it will generally because I’ve missed it (probably thanks to you know who) rather than me being ignorant and I get the impression you’re the same so… we now have licence to ignore each other 🙂 I’m going to revisit this post from a proper piece of kit tomorrow and see if it works then.

      • Proper device used and… oooh spooky graveyard. I’d better stick to my ropey piece of kit, less nightmare inducing 🙂

  2. There is a reverence when visiting graveyards that brings a bit of peace to one’s mind. It prompts us to confess and bring restoration to our soul. Lovely thoughts. Happy New Year!

  3. I didn’t know the poem so thanks for introducing it to me! There’s a mysteriousness to fog that I’ve always been wary of, but I agree true that there is beauty to be found in unexpected places, such as graveyards xx

    • Christy, I did not know this one either, and just recently found it. I really like it too. I love the serenity of this cemetery, and the fog does make everything look so different while adding that mysterious touch. 😀

  4. Love “half-meanings” and “alurk” Sometimes just saying a thing aloud, even into the fog, can lift it from your soul. Kind of an admission coupled with a letting go. Fog is a bit like the future… keep walking into it, step by step, and it will become clearer. Great pic of the graveyard–hope you had some good conversations there. 🙂

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