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Story Line…

If you go back to the edge of time, you can find it there on the corner of Ivy and 4th streets. You would need to look closely to see, but still, you could. Examining that old chain link fence, you would see the dents carved from 1973 where the ball struck there too many times. If you squinted in the afternoon sun, you could make out a baseball diamond, you could make out ghost shapes of kids now coalesced into adults. You would see him there winding back, ready to throw the baseball, gearing up for a curve ball, eyes scanning the horizon like a pendant winning dreamer. Yes, like the dreamer he was, the ball player he never quite became.

Is it too early for baseball?  Maybe it is, but that’s the story I have in progress today. What is your favorite baseball story?  All baseball tidbits are welcome as I plow through this one.



15 thoughts on “Story Line…

  1. Us commenters aren’t doing too well on the baseball front today.
    Erm… We came over to New York and then Boston in 2010 and I thought it would be great to go and watch the Boston Blue Tights in action. Being a cricket fan (a game with bat and ball so in the same kind of ball park) I encouraged the rest of the group (four of us, so one for each base… With one left over?) that it was a good idea until we worked out the cost. We could have gone but we would have had no spending money for the rest of the trip. I lost the vote 3-1 and, democracy being what it was…
    Sorry, LT, I’ve not been much help. Nice start though 🙂

    • Thanks Phil! Yep, no too many baseball fans right now. Too bad you lost your vote, democracy, ha ha, some of us Americans are still laughing (through our tears) about that concept. Maybe someday there will be a baseball game on the horizon for you 😀

  2. We are a baseball town, but my son hung up his bat when he got to the age where kids were pitching (before that was T-ball or “coach pitch”). He saw too many injuries from his friends who stuck around, so he opted for something less dangerous — soccer, tennis, and golf. Not that those sports don’t produce injuries, too, right?! Sounds like you’ve got the makings of an interesting story, Lana. Continue, please.

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