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On the Road to Golden

They recline in a golden tower

playing poker

with the new world order

Extra! Extra!

I have news from the Sun!

Prepare today

uncharted territory awaits…

Ah, for those of you

who are less than golden

they’ll pick this place clean

warrior pale, they impale

ignite your counterculture

don’t play nice

toss those who differ

weed out the malice bringers

but the cellars,

stock them with bottles of blood-red wine,

so keep the grape pickers and grandmas

Let’s run the world

with animal magnetism

while there’s still

a few heads

of great game left

stuff and stack them

on the wall there

It will be great, yes it will!

Who dares to defy

those golden ones

on the path to greatness?

They drink their honor

in crystal stemmed goblets

with throats on fire

those thirsty mouths

those grabbing hands.


25 thoughts on “On the Road to Golden

  1. I hoped the recent election wouldn’t be all bad news and at last! Very good piece, LT. Depressing but with plenty of dry humour flowing through and a clever abrupt ending conveying the uncertain future. Top marks 🙂

      • Lana, I’ve found I’m much happier when I turn off the TV! Ignorance is bliss, you know. And all of today’s slanted reporting just makes me angry when I’d rather be peaceful!

      • You are exactly right, Debbie. That is the best strategy. I need to stop allowing myself to be pulled into it. Peace and contemplative reflection are what we should be enjoying at this time of the year.

  2. I have been dismayed, too. There are so many mistakes and negative over-reactions by the leader who should be content by his win. This golden poem was tongue in cheek, implying things and sometimes outwardly hostile! 🙂

    • Yeah, I have had to write a lot of my feelings down. This seems to help with coping. I live in a super red state and I have friends that I am now able to see a much less attractive side of them…. harsh and mean. I am coping better now, I must say.

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