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The Stragglers

Little stragglers

I wonder that

you’re stranded here

fretting about among

these last glorious flowers

leftover summer gems

balancing precariously

on the brink

of gusty storms.

You there

fluttering softly

in that wild wind

harmonizing humbly

with bees

backyard beauties

awe bringing

living color sculptures.

I imagine you taking to the sky

in full flight

upward searching

finally finding

a true tribe of fluttering fantasy

assembling into formation

like Pegasus in the air.


24 thoughts on “The Stragglers

  1. the little stragglers that I have are leftovers from my marigolds. they’re all wilted and brown now but I think they look kind of nice in the new snow looking like this.

  2. Nothing like that around here. We got snow today. But my indoor orchid is budding again (third time since July!)–sort of a “chain-bloomer” that keeps giving me something to look forward to. 🙂

  3. Ahh…lovely, Lana. So delicate and light and the ending is beautiful:

    ‘a true tribe of fluttering fantasy

    assembling into formation

    like Pegasus in the air.’

    Here the pansies are still as bright and strong as every but the last fuchsias wilted away with the frost a couple of weeks ago – sadly.

  4. Something terribly sad about seeing the stragglers, Lana. I wonder if they feel left behind?? Still, perhaps we should look on the bright side — they’re nature’s promise that spring will come in its time, bringing more beauty after this season of slumber!

    • I was sad too, Debbie. Some of the butterflies were so small….they moved around so fast I could hardly get a photo. Plus there were bees, as I mentioned, ha ha. I’ll bet they have a way to get out in front of the cold. I like thinking about nature’s promise. …

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