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You see the world

in measured meters

stalled there

under a sonnet sky

toying with lyrical beginnings

folding stanzas

grasping slowly drowned metaphors

The answer is found

pouring out elegy

in couplets

seeking to build

just one octave higher

from the broken notes

of sunken rhythm

You toss blank verse far

ensnaring those

who should know better

life running like

an unresolved epic

beguiling imagery

colored by filters

and torn into fragments.



20 thoughts on “Expression

  1. Lana, this is fabulous – a wonderful poem about poetic forms…how did you think of this? How did you manage to write it? Wow! Beaming away at this unusual poem…not torn at all, a perfect whole!

  2. I like the track and field imagery that accompanies this, LT. The ‘measured meters’, ‘lyrical beginnings’ (the race starting on ‘the b of bang’ to quote Colin Jackcon/Lynford Christie). ‘Grasping slowly drowned metaphors’ can only mean catching up to other runners, can’t it! I enjoy sport so apologise if I’ve run out of my lane on this but either way, I thoroughly enjoyed another excellent piece.

  3. I like the shape of this one almost as much as its words, Lana! It bobs and weaves, and it gave me no idea where you were heading until I reached the end. Well written, my friend!

  4. The double entendre is so clever, Lana! Also, I love how this piece describes the relationship of poet and reader, how the reader’s own experience colors the words. 🙂

  5. no illusions of easy happiness in this poem. it challenges the reader to beware of “beguiling imagery/ colored by filters/ and torn into fragments.” the poem is serious and has important ideas to relate. (the dark text on the dark pyramid accompanying the poem seems serious, as well.) i have been following your blog for months now, and i am impressed with the range of what you write.

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