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Thankfulness and Gift Giving

It’s that joyous time of the year, right after what might have been a lively table flipping Thanksgiving debacle, depending on differing family politics. Thank goodness, not mine, as we are all on the same side of what is turning out to be the Great American Horror Story. Now we can get down to some serious consumer shopping. First off, College Boy, whom my significant other affectionately calls, Austinian The Child Emperor, (ok…he is maybe a tad bit spoiled), put in his Xmas request for a Keurig Fancy Smancy Coffee Maker. He asked for the K575, I countered with, “How about the K200?  Look, isn’t it nice?” Then I immediately felt bad when he answered that the 200 would be fine. I mean, he is a Child Emperor and all, and how is he possibly going to impress all his preppy, fraternity friends not to mention making lattes for sorority girls on a meager K200 model? So being the dutiful, guilt-ridden mom that I am, I signed on to Amazon on Cyber Monday where I found absolutely nothing that I needed on sale. I did, however, order the K575 model. I love Internet shopping. Enough with commercial conquests, and on to the deeper meaning of the season…..



20 thoughts on “Thankfulness and Gift Giving

  1. I don’t want to come across all ‘bah humbug’ but didn’t we have a Christmas as recently as last year? Oh I’ll come around, I just get a bit grumpy with the commercialism turning 12 days into a 120 day build up. Unless we’re sharing the goodwill over an extended period. I’m all for that 🙂 Peace and goodwill, LT, lovely gift.

    • That would be lovely indded, Phil. I know what you mean by the “enthusiasm” of merchants. I was in the discount store one day in October and it was about 90 degrees outside and the trees and decorations were all out with the Xmas music blaring in the background. It really has gotten to be too much. I’ll take the peace and goodwill year round 🙂

  2. It feels like, the older sons get, the more particular they become, right? Gone are the days when *any* Lego would be appreciated — now, they only want the $400 boxed set of some fancy ole Mustang or whatever! Well, you might as well lose the guilt and play along — glad you bagged some deals online!

  3. Christmas shopping driven by guilt; there is nothing worse. I have the coffee pot in the pic and also a beautiful stainless French press. Far better results that Keurig and no wasting of all those little plastic K-cups. Of course, college students are all about fast, easy, no mess, etc. In our village, Cyber Monday is followed by Giving Tuesday, an initiative geared toward helping the less fortunate and buying local. 🙂

    • I love that coffee pot, a pic I found on Pixabay. Yeah , he may not be considering all those pod things. I’m completely clueless as to what he will need to run the thing, but whatever that is, he will have to invest his hard earned money in it, ha ha. I like the idea of giving Tuesday and a push for local shopping. I’ve been on our community board reminding people to shop our small businesses 🙂

  4. Oh, I’m the same! My son will suggest something, I will counter with a cheaper version,he will kindly agree then of course I’ll go and buy what he wanted originally! Every time! How could I not! I feel Xmas shopping is becoming Amazon Xmas – but it’s so cosy, wrapped up in blankets, clicking around, hot chocolate and cookies to hand! However off for good old fashioned shops this weekend…want to see some lights!

    • Oh some wonderful, old fashioned shops sound so nice. I like doing a bit of that too. Oh these boys, how they tug at our heartstrings…but I think we are lucky to have them. I hope you have a fantastic weekend full of great finds!

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