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Fuzzy Cat Sleeping

My mood today

is a fuzzy feline sleeping

in the sunlight

near the front step

bordering the edge of a walkway

with flowers blooming

one step ahead

of impending frost

the porch harboring

a pot of pansies

beneath an awning

during a perfect afternoon.

**Actually it’s not quite my mood, but I’m working on looking around at all the good things and being thankful.  Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends who celebrate!  Smile…





27 thoughts on “Fuzzy Cat Sleeping

  1. A cat related poem? Not sure that’ll ever catch on…*
    Lovely piece LT and there’s always time to make it your mood, by a cozy fire if the sun’s not playing today.
    (* I posted a cat poem today too, what are the odds?)

  2. Happy Thanksgiving, Lana and love the poem. May you have a chance to relax in the warming sunshine doing absolutely nothing – probably after the celebrations! Great name, Miss Fuzz!

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