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The Moon, Again….

Outside, that magnificent moon

beams in high illumination

as if hovering close to the world

as if to watch over our recent tragedy

gleaming out over

skyscrapers and cornfields.

The restless scream and mourn

in light bright enough

to read an oracle.

The ignorant

seal the nastiness up

in an envelope

saving it for Sunday.

The glow is ravishing

signaling a change of seasons

in a season of change.

Even now

as we note the prophecy

we timidly beseech

that other moons

might rise again.




30 thoughts on “The Moon, Again….

  1. I too loved those lines about the ignorant – brilliant piece of writing! That same cold white moon gazed down at us when we sat in my car, me, my cat and dog and my visiting daughter from 1 -3 am the night before full moon. We were responding to a tsunami evacuation alert which came to nothing much in the end, but kept us from our sleep and enabled a close commune with that special moon.

  2. I tried (unsuccessfully) to get some photos of this gorgeous moon. It looked much bigger and closer to me. Despite our clear skies, a picture just can’t capture how truly beautiful the sight was. Hope you’re finding your peaceful center, Lana!

  3. Beautiful poem! I too enjoyed this month’s bright full moon. I love moon phases, period, and frequently go outside at night to see what my favorite hunk of green cheese is up to. Nature’s gorgeous cycles remind me that life will go on. 🙂

    • That’s true, it continues and there will be other moons at other times (hopefully better, ha ha). It was weird here having that giant moon and knowing it was autumn, but the temperature was so mild it was like a summer night.

  4. I read this but had to think before I came back, Lana. I think the moon is a radiant part of our night sky with his all knowing visage. Your poem expressed how many feeling, caring people reacted to the tragic ending of the election process. I am hoping that the immigrants don’t all get notices, the women don’t lose their clinics to get basic needs filled, (pap smears, condoms, the Pill) due to the ignorance of those who see “evil” in choices.
    Those same people whisper about those who have more than two children, with their WIC and food stamp cards. . . Such simple/narrow minded sheep following someone who never should have been on the ballot. For months my family thought a “just kidding” disclaimer was due! Sending you warm hugs and hope for a better 4 years than our hearts and minds Fear!!

    • Robin, it was certainly many of those concerns that I had looking up at that beautiful moon that night. I have really had to write down a lot of my feelings that I’ve had about this unbelievable event in our history. I will probably not post any of the others for fear of offending people who are not like minded. Currently, we still have the right of free speech, but that almost seems to be impacted now. I’m with you, I kept looking for the “just kidding” disclaimer, lol. I’m wishing you and your family, peace and love. We will persevere. Blessings and hugs back to you, dear Robin.

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