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Silver Screen

She was sometimes

drunk and loud

trapped in this plane

a brittle heart

that life snapped into

cranking those filmstrips

of silver screen lasses

she never quite

measured up

somewhere in the lovelorn night

a dream

a river

a life coated with silver sheen

just beyond her grasp

so she knocked

a few more back….



13 thoughts on “Silver Screen

    • Well that’s a big compliment, Diana. I have to say, and it might be the wrong answer at the literary party, but I think Taylor is quite the poet. In that song, I particularly like, “Heaven can’t help me now….” In other songs: “I get drunk on jealously” “it will leave you breathless or with a nasty scar” “He’s bad, but he does it so well…” and perhaps my favorite one is: “I can make the bad guys good for a weekend”… Thank you! 😉

  1. a “brittle heart” (i like that phrase) and a penchant for drinking. hm. destined for unhappiness, it would seem, and also for public displays. i found that all of the references to sounds in the first few lines brought his poem alive for me.

    • Thank you, and you are so correct, they sure don’t make them like that anymore. I always admired the silver screen goddesses of Hollywood’s heyday, and I was really sad to learn that Veronica Lake suffered from alcoholism (hence the inspiration for this).

  2. Lana, the poem catches another era, sad, poignant – the song matches perfectly. Don’t know much about Taylor Swift but this is converting me to her. Amazing voice and amazing atmospheric video.

    • Thank you Annika. I really like Taylor, and that might be the wrong answer at the grown up ladies party, but she is quite the poet, even winning awards when she was a child. Talented young woman. I love the old Hollywood flashback in that song.

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