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Screaming Sheila Bridge

They say she screamed

when they strung her up there

just as loud

as she screams today.

Twisting off CR 125

along the county line,

you must trespass

with rattlesnakes and feral hogs

to find that wagon road

fighting for space

with itch grass and duckweed

gnawing its bones.

The aging bridge

jutting over a drying stream

smirking rocks

jagged screams….

What price, murder?

But they say

she killed her love, cold

his cheating heart severed

his beautiful blood shining clear

in the hazy morning light.

Vigilante justice tying that rope

tight against her pale neck

bound hands and mouth.


Then they pushed her over

she hung

eyes bulging

veins popping

life draining.

Venture out one golden evening

listen as the winds gather round

fateful bridge grasping outward

and you can hear her plainly there…



23 thoughts on “Screaming Sheila Bridge

    • Thank you, Wally. I have been writing the local lore of my area. I could actually never find a story of what supposedly happened at Screaming Sheila Bridge, so I just had to make up something. Needless to say, I haven’t been out there to check it out, ha ha! I love “Spooky Little Girl Like You,” they don’t make them like that anymore 😀

      • I agree we need more creativity in the world. That’s always my argument to keep arts in the schools. If we don’t keep our kids interested in the arts, then we won’t have them in the future. Thanks, Wally.

  1. You’ve got a gift for Halloween horror, Lana! This brought to mind an old family legend: we used to ride over a small metal bridge between my grandparent’s place and my great uncle’s house. They had both told us about Screamin’ Mimi, a lady who drowned in the stream. I don’t know if she was real or not, but we were sure she’d rise up and throw us and our bikes over the side if we didn’t pedal as fast as we could. 🙂

    • It’s a bit freaky, alright. I tried to research the “real” reason for the bridge’s reputation, but to no avail. Is Halloween a big deal in Canada? I know in some countries it isn’t, and some people on WordPress are probably looking at my posts and saying alright already, ha ha 😀

  2. your strong images definitely create a mood! “you must trespass with rattlesnakes and feral hogs” is a wonderful example, as is “Vigilante justice tying that rope/ tight against her pale neck/ bound hands and mouth.” some good work here!

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