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Monster Mash Invasion Redux

Imagine my surprise

late one night

out shopping all day

home within sight

My house all lit up

as if a party was on

there in my car

I was all alone

Nevertheless, I went inside

with what greeted me

no place to hide

Party on full

lights on bright

a host of monsters

gave me a fright!

For while I was out,

spending my cash

My home became host

to the Monster Mash

There was Frankie and Lilith

dancing a twirl

and Igor and Dracula

biting a girl

My antique lamp toppled

green slime on the rug

my shock when the

Wolfman asked for a hug

Frankenstein and a goblin

macarena dancing

Jason and a witch

Halloween romancing

Frankie said for you,

“This mash was meant too”

I had nowhere to run

and what could I do?

I sampled witches’ brew

that I think was plain rum

declined the frog legs

played Wipe Out on drums

Elviria said,

“Wear this on your head”

a sequined headband

for the Day of the Dead

Three little ghosts ran

my cat down the hall

Chucky in the corner said,

“You’re nothing at all.”

I was beginning to worry

wondering if they would stay

but as it happens

they vanished before day

If you come home one night

to a Monster Mash Ball

disquietude, destruction

and an all out brawl

Nothing can you do

nowhere to run

Let it all hang out

and have some fun!



19 thoughts on “Monster Mash Invasion Redux

  1. My answering machine message in college was Monster Mash, which frustrated the shit out of everyone because I made them listen to almost a minute of it. I figured the people I didn’t want to hear from would just hang up. It worked.

  2. If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em, eh Lana? Sounds like a blast. And a new song to chase Haunted House out of my head! That Haint became quite the earworm. 🙂

  3. I was so happy to read how many Halloween references you included! I love Elvira and the green frogs along with rum drinks. I would love to listen to these words sung by the Cheesebergens, with Marissa wearing Addams’ family mother, Morticia’s costume! I forget did you add the (hand) “Thing?!”

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