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A Haint, You Say?

Driving about as if under a spell

finding myself alone

on the Highway to Hell

Realizing exactly what I knew

love is kinda crazy

with a spooky creep like you

I exit to the right,

quite as a mouse

Then find myself confronting

a haunted house

I was already there,

thought I’d give it a spin

got out of the car

and went right on in

Is this where you go

when you fear the reaper?

or where you might escape

from The Purple People Eater?
Lo and behold – whom should I meet?

A fellow with one big eye

and two big feet.

The room was fuzzy

and started to get cold

he came up doing the Freeze,

then the Stroll

He smiled right at me

like we were the best of chums

and said,

“Don’t be here when the mornin’ comes”

Ghost guy like magic,

ghost guy had clout

drank hot coffee

right from the spout

I don’t entertain ghosts,

I miss the sun

So I decided not to be there

when the mornin’ comes…


29 thoughts on “A Haint, You Say?

  1. I am totally cracking up right now–we had a Ray Stevens record when I was a kid and this was on it. Love how your poem echoes the “spirit” of the song. Well done! πŸ™‚

      • Had to look up your Word of the Day. Turns out, ol’ Oxford says there hain’t no such thing (unless you count slang for ain’t). Urban Dictionary to the rescue! According to them, it’s a Southern colloquialism for a ghost, apparition, or lost soul. And a great rhyme for faint, which I’d probably do if I ever saw one! πŸ™‚

  2. Hello L.T. Thanks for following my blog, I am now following yours. I was very much impressed by the two posts that I have read.. I browsed through some of the titles, while trying to get to your latest post because I want to start with your latest entries. I enjoyed the topics and your creativeness. I look forward to reading more as soon as I can get to them. Looks like I have some catching up to do.
    Thanks and keep writing.

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