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In Praise of Endless Summer

I want to live in a cocoon made entirely of summer

as those curt, frigid winds blow in from the north

I want to paint long, never ending summer days

onto repeating canvases

embraced by warmth

covered in hibiscus flowers

and palm tree fronds

I want endless summer

to be just that

far away from winter’s bitter truth

caught in a crevasse of cold

but no,

I’d rather burn



17 thoughts on “In Praise of Endless Summer

    • Thank you, I do love summer even though in Texas it is a whole different thing, ha ha. That’s why we invented air conditioning. The cold, although it tends to come in “cold snaps” with warmer days in between, really gets to me now that I’m a bit older.

  1. Having lived in Texas, I can totally appreciate this one! However, living in Illinois now, I’m not so sure I’d like an endless summer. Maybe we can compromise? Endless autumn sounds pretty good to me — sunny days, temps ranging from 50 to 70, and a gentle breeze. Works for me!

  2. I with you on this! Although I do like winter, the cold days at the moment are so hard to get used to – I feel I need my gloves and it’s still 10 degrees Celsius! I blame Florida! There I became so used to the heat, the sensation of sun on the skin, no aches and the freedom from layers…we can but dream of endless summer!

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