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I was captured

between the whisper

of seasons

lost in autumn bliss

the pull of school campuses

taste on the tongue, a tinge of cool relief,

but then the melancholy

of slipping

as all the seasons

of the past

have eased in

and become fragments.

Between the lacy crispness

of leaves

the bounty of a full moon

heralding the call

of witching

the lost art of thankfulness

down a road that

is still winding,

a plan unraveling

seeking fire breath

and the origin of Stonehenge

captured within it all

beneath orange sky

for a moment,

the mystical and the mundane.



35 thoughts on “Captured

  1. This time of between seasons presents challenges of its own, huh? Summer’s not really over yet (especially for the south-most states!), but Fall feels a ways off, too (even up here). Better not complain — the cold will arrive soon enough! Your poem is a lovely way of looking at it all!

  2. Somewhere between bliss and melancholy, between the mystical and the mundane, lies autumn. Love it! 🙂 I, too, think we need to revive the lost art of thankfulness. That photo blew me away, the collision of elements in the sky, the moon. WOW!

    • Thank you, Joan. I think the students I work with might have inspired the thankfulness line, ha ha. The photo is super cool, it’s all Pixabay. My daughter visited there this summer, but her photos weren’t quite that cool 🙂

  3. i enjoyed the movement of the poem as expected sequences fall apart. as a reader i felt as if i were being taken along on a journey of surprises. but, for me, the last two lines seem to tell me what i should be thinking or feeling. perhaps the poem would end more strongly with “beneath orange sky”? (By the way, if my comment seems out of line, please remove it. you seem like such an assured and accomplished writer that i hope you will not be offended. i know that i wish i got more critical comments on my postings because they can be helpful.)

    • Michael, thank you so much, I do love to get critical feedback, and I feel that you are also a well accomplished writer. I will re-read the poem and consider the orange sky as the ending. Thanks again, and I hope you have a wonderful week!

  4. Lana, you write with such a light tender touch tinged with the mystical. Absolutely love this piece – ‘lacy crispness of leaves’ – sheer beauty in these words, catching their fragility but also encompassing the onomatopoeic.

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