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Salt River

Salt River ran

up over the banks

swelling its ranks

an army of water

became the flood of the century.

Salt River ran downstream

covering the bones of those in lovely, long sleep

sealing lips and dreams of soldiers, dead heroes.

Along its grassy green banks

Salt River ran bent

the carefree unknowing people

lead life content.

The people and the river

at one and with trust

Hung onto their lives

and did what they must.

Salt River harbored secrets

currents of darkness, currents of spies

the river meandered through a wild course

fraught with lies.

The rain came early summer,

pounding river, vast overflows

The people hid in their houses

crying out their woes.

Salt River was brackish, cold and deep

the people that trust no more

now drowned in their sleep.

This is an old poem of mine that depicts an epic flood.


23 thoughts on “Salt River

  1. I like the cadence of this poem and the sometimes-predictable, sometimes-unpredictable rhyme scheme, kind of like the river itself. A great song to go with, as well. Nicely done! πŸ™‚

    • Thanks Joan, the unpredicatable rhyme scheme is meant to be like the river. We had a drought that lasted over four years, then we had a flood that filled up all the lakes in less than two weeks. Unbelievable. That is a great song too, one of my favorites.

  2. I like this one! Of course, living inland the way I do, we don’t really have many rivers that can overflow their banks, but I can still picture the devastation (thanks to TV and Internet). You’ve captured it well — water can hide many a secret.

  3. This was like a step back in history, where times were hard and the living not easy, Lana. I feel your sense of doom and dread, as the water rises.
    So glad you have a happy relationship with a musical man who probably lifts your spirits.i like reading this kind of story or poem, since it makes me appreciate the life I have. No floods nor deaths, presently. . . (Lost my dad and all grandparents, though.) Knock on wood! ❀ hugs!

    • Robin, I often think about the pioneers who settled Texas and what life must have been like for them. It surely couldn’t have been easy. The heat, for one thing, has been excruciating here at the end of September. If I had been a pioneer, I would not have made it, ha. The music man is sometimes moody, but other times he is pretty funny. Hugs right back at ya!

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