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Siren of the Sea

She shakes the sea

from her hair

in tiny, salty droplets

rising up from the water

after diving among anemones

reef gazing

swimming through a myriad

of color brilliant fish

hearing the call

of palm trees

beckoning her back

from a supernatural sea

to a beach where

white sand swirls

like desire

enticing mermaids

upward from the depths

the magic mixture

of waves, air and sea foam

she touches the tiny seashells

strung around her neck

sing me a song

between high tide

and low dreams

frothy enchantress

of sultry dreams

steady surf beneath

her floating feet

magnificent creature

born of seaside fables

and a writer’s pen.



24 thoughts on “Siren of the Sea

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  2. Lana, beautiful poem capturing the magic of the sea – love the building sense of mysticism. Oh, those necklaces of shells do seem to sing a song, I used to have one as young. Perfect finale…born from the writer’s pen!

      • I try to squeeze every last moment out of summer too in life…eating outdoors even in the dark with candles. Once Autumn starts there are so many months of cold weather, spent indoors…

      • It’s hard to let go of summer. In Texas, we are lucky to get breaks in between “cold spells” and sometimes it doesn’t even get cold until January so that gives us 2 months of winter but still seems too long to me.

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