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Among the Thorns

Beneath the branches up high

you can see the sharpness

of these thorn trees

Halloween worthy

stretching their sparse shade

over puny Bermuda grass

in a place where both

cactus and roses bloom.

Desert heat

and floods

wheel of fortune weather

where men farm

hell bent and undaunted

pulling out of this land

not just trees of thorns

but wheat, cotton, corn.

fighting Mother Nature

in her formidable, fancy robes.

Farm boys jump from

their beds at midnight

running into fields

flooding with irrigation

broken pipes

and broken dreams.

2 am they hit the fields again

harvesting in colder air

the cotton gleaming in tractor light

moon shining bright

the machine moving like a submarine

emerging into a sea

of white froth.

Cotton so light

to float hope

glowing white on white

and the thorn trees

shift condescendingly in the breeze

future cotton may fail

but the trees will stand

their native ground.



19 thoughts on “Among the Thorns

  1. In the battle between man and nature, nature might be temporarily outsmarted, but wins in the end. I love the native desert plants sharing space with crops and roses. Fav line: “cotton so white / to float hope.” Beautiful descriptions, Lana. 🙂

    • Thank you. In the area of Texas that I live in, the climate sometimes swings from one wild extreme to the other. Farming is definitely a challenge, but the rest of us are lucky that people still work hard at it.

  2. I think your farmers have it a whole lot harder than ours. Since the glacier spread across the Midwest ages ago, our soils are pretty ideal for growing. Of course, everything depends on Mother Nature’s cooperation, but I think they even have ways of outsmarting her!!

    • I think you are right, Debbie. East and South Texas has a better harvest record than the rest of the State, I guess Texas is one of the top producers simply due to the size of the state. Mother Nature has the final say 🙂

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