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Bird Feeding

It was just a normal evening

at bird feeding time

everything going well

until the Velociraptors showed up

all glassy eyed, sharp-clawed and greedy.

Even the Bluejays scattered.

It took me by surprise,

dinosaur husbandry, anyone?

Mad bird misfits

running wildly about

gnashing those beak teeth.

They spotted my collie

who stared warily from the porch.

I wasn’t exactly sure

if they consumed birdseed

thinking maybe, they preferred

hapless blonde girls

with too many cats.

Oh, I had always bet

the Mockingbirds were the worst

but that was before

the backyard filled

with Velociraptors

prehistoric bad boys

unexpected crisis.

Would I live to warn the neighbors?

This might mean that next year’s

Rock of Legends cruise

is off…

that I would end up

a pile of bleached bones.

Would the cardinals return

to honor my memory

missing their black sunflower seeds?

As I was busy regretting

those things you regret

when surrounded by

large dinosaur birds,

they suddenly stopped,

rolled their beady eyes

and launched skyward.

Momentarily and sufficiently shocked,

I looked down the road

toward the chicken keepers.

Oh, how to tell them

worry is much bulkier

than the standard chicken hawk.



24 thoughts on “Bird Feeding

  1. the doggone dinosaurs get into everything. you always have to keep a 12 gauge loaded with deer slugs within arms reach just in case they want to get out of hand.

  2. I have never heard of a ‘Chicken Hawk’ before Lana, so I had to resort to Mr Google who has informed me fully……….. I did find a very amusing photo[shopped] of a half hawk, half chicken bird which kind of fitted the first image that popped into my head when I began reading ……… 😀

  3. Me, I’d blame it all on climate change. Those Arctic ices are melting and freeze-dried dinosaurs are popping out… look out man, you may find yourself facing a worthy and able opponent on the predator fields…

  4. I rather like Hawks. They throw such interesting and threatening shadows when they are hunting. Your velociraptors must do the same or at least your writing through interesting patterns into my mind.

    • Hawks are devout hunters for sure…those threatening shadows. I remember watching a little bird in the sky one day just flying along…then I saw that big, ominous bird shadow over the little bird, and that hawk dove down…and 😦 for the smaller bird. But that is the natural order of things. I would imagine the raptors would make quite the shadow for sure.

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