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Polar Predator

He rises from the ice

like a formidable foe

of the frozen tundra

animal pure and craftily cunning

on the hunt

ice bound and stealthy.

He stalks the likes of man

assigning him an order

way down from seals and such

human flesh is weak

not a delicacy.

it’s all about the hunt, there.

He dives magnificently,

driven by hunger

his strength is massive

his white teeth brilliant

against pulsing red blood…

the little animals

round him tread lightly

and on the oil rig

rising in the icy distance

men survey the horizon

with a cautious eye…



19 thoughts on “Polar Predator

  1. I like how humans are not the top choice on the polar bear menu, that we are “weak, not a delicacy” yet we “survey the horizon with a cautious eye.” An apt description of a wild and beautiful creature. Well done! πŸ™‚

  2. Lana, I like the way you didn’t put a picture first and instead you let your words lead…wonderful description capturing the polar bears – from their perspective almost. Us humans low down on their scale and all we can do is watch with caution. Loved this. Well done.

    • Thanks so much, Annika. I’m glad you noticed that. I was originally trying to come up with a more ambiguous title so that you would have to read into the poem for awhile without knowing it was a bear right off. They are beautiful, magnificent creatures and I’m sad about how global warming is affecting them.

  3. My son always loved polar bears! It makes me sad to think that, with the ice caps melting, they might one day be a thing of the past. Right now, they just look cuddly, don’t they?!

      • I wonder why some inventor hasn’t come up with a portable freezer that would keep the cold parts of our globe cold enough to sustain life. And frankly, a portable freezer sounds pretty good on our 90-degree days, ha!

  4. Powerful post. I really wish the polar bear was tougher than we. I worry for them. I like how you didn’t reveal the hunter until the end. I wasn’t entirely sure at the beginning and that was fun.

  5. Interesting that you mention the men on the oil platform looking at the bear. And It made me realize that we are all doing that to some extent as we drive our cars. It’s hard to conceive of the idea that in not too long polar bears will be found only in zoos.

    • That’s true. I went through one of those drive thru wildlife refuge once, and my car was surrounded by bison and other massive animals, I guess the could have totaled my car :O Luckily I got out in one piece….magnificent animals. It is really sad about the polar bears.

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