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Monuments and Memories

They carved you a monument

black, glossy, light bouncing stone

now reflecting that brilliant sun.

There you are

keeping company

in a field of pioneers.

We ran together

back in the day

through streets of youth

alleys of fashion

bell bottoms

and funky clothes

liking Frampton loud.

You tempting the

Netherworld wearing your

black eyeliner,

bold girl, you were strong

a mover of heavy things.

I was the shy golden girl

conquered by words

waiting for your cue

your headstrong, heady presence

me arriving late for Act One.

Now it has come to this

and you always having to be

one step ahead

of me.

So I watched from the sidelines

as you

grabbed a ticket

that fell from Night’s silky scarf.

Now you beckon to me

saving me a place in time

as you masquerade gaily

buoyed by force and energy

leaving us pondering

in a field of admiring pioneers

here in the blazing Texas sun.



27 thoughts on “Monuments and Memories

  1. Aww, Lana. I probably forgot your loss last summer buy now, feelremorseand wistfulness for your days gone by. . .
    Your comparing her brave and dark “in your face”presence makes me think of one of my own dear childhood friends. I was dark haired but a bit more intimidated than she ever was. Her name was Allison. I can sense this loss coming from you of grandma’s gone by, too. ❤ Hugs, Robin xo

  2. Seeing one’s friends, contemporaries, go is both sad and a time for introspection. The lines “You tempting the/ Netherworld wearing your/ black eyeliner” work very well because of the subtle humor of “Netherworld” and because they create such a clear image that helps define the person.

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