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A Cold Front in August

They promised us a cold front

in the middle of August

they promised us a cold front

just in time to save us.

We had been frying food

on the sidewalk

and suffering from steam shock.

Dizzy and dreary from sun stun

saying goodbye to outdoor fun.

Disgusted with our hot cars

starting a trend with ice bars.

Day after day of super swelter

on the search for a shady shelter.

And all this heat makes us bicker

and the humidity, a real stickler.

The weather man’s forecast

of 80 degrees

my, oh my, what a tease!

For it is still so hot here,

like we are swimming in stew

I just checked the thermometer,

it reads one hundred two…


38 thoughts on “A Cold Front in August

  1. It’s so hot here in Fl too. A lot less rain than normal! Plus my AC went out on me today !Great post , love Summertime Blues. It rocks!:)

  2. Starting to feel that way here too, although I love the sun myself, it’s others seem to have a problem adapting: too much air-conditioning, makes ’em soft. Our temp is supposed to get to 38 C which is 100 F I was out on the river in the kayak today in pure unadulterated bright sunshine, no hint of cloud, but there was a gentle west breeze all day keeping things just right. My swimming holes are body temp now!

    • Oh wow, that’s warm water for sure. I love the sun, but because of my fair skin, I avoid long exposure. I’m afraid over the years that AC has made me soft, but my grandparents did not have it on their farm when I was growing up.

    • Yeah it is difficult for most people to imagine. Most people who visit Texas from out of state drop like flies here in the summer, ha ha. I’m really used to it, since I’ve been here my entire life. I have dreams of California someday, but it is so pricey to live there. So maybe Texas with AC….and lots of ice cream 🙂

  3. In the words of a fellow poet, “when your underwear’s got the creeps and your socks are melting into your shoes, you’ve got them summertime blues”
    Fingers crossed you’ll get that 80-degree “cold front” Loved it, LT! 🙂

  4. Ooh, I feel your pain. ‘Tis been beastly hot and steamy here in Central Illinois (and all these corn plants just add to the stickiness). Typically, we get a cool front every week or so to ease the misery, but not this year. Now we’re fighting the unending rain that streamed up from Louisiana. But, hey, at least our roads are still drive-able, and our homes aren’t awash in alligators!!

  5. I take it the heat’s up for you then! 😀😃 Sounds far too much for too long – I do hope that promised cold front materialises. Had pleasantly warm weather for the most (apart from the week long ‘heatwave’) – but off to Florida in a few days so just got the sun cream and packing the sandals. Oh, Happy Birthday to you and hope you had a lovely time.

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