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Defining Gravity

There was a time

when evening lay easily

upon the thread of time.

When she and I

would sit high atop

castle walls

surveying the neighborhood kingdom below.

Remarking on

growing children

aging parents

life’s little patterns

unfolding along the cusp

of destiny.

We were like air

escaping gravity at such heights

oblivious to wolf disguised surprises

living in present moments

at peace with

a small existence

where life unfolded

with Joe’s eighties soundtrack

wafting along the rooftops

on Saturday nights.

In the world where

lawn mowers hummed

crepe myrtles flaunted

their tiny pink promise flowers.

This was before

we would know that

this summer would be

the last one for her

that she would become unfettered

in another world

under another sky

no longer bound

by gravity.



28 thoughts on “Defining Gravity

  1. Oh man, keep reminding us that summer’s ending! There is another 6 weeks you know…although it seems all over when my daughter has to go back to school which is next Monday already! Not sure why they are doing this to the school year…but i digress…beautifully written as always!

  2. You never know which summer might be your last… glad you two enjoyed it and you have happy memories to look back on. I love the ethereal quality of this, just sitting and watching life unfold. Another beautiful piece, LT. 🙂

  3. Lana, this is such a beautiful poem – very moving and a light deftness. Oh, how it speaks the truth and reading your comments see how sadness is part of your summer this year. So sorry to read this – sudden loss is impossible to comprehend.

  4. The poem skillfully takes the reader through a variety of emotions. Your play on “gravity” unifies the piece. It seems that gravity can be a good or bad thing, depending on the situation, so I’d guess that defining it can be complicated.

  5. Defining gravity is like trying to define death. Your words pulled us upward and gently let us down. One never knows when one will have to let go of this earthly form. I really like the Desert Bird of Paradise that came up on your header this time. They were common when I as growing up in South Texas and now I have some in my yard…a bit of childhood memories. Have a good weekend and try to stay cool in this August heat. No hurricanes in sight so far but we could use a good tropical storm to bring some rain. Most of the cotton and grain have been cut so the farmers would not mind too much.

    • That is so true, we just never know. I love those Bird of Paradise trees, that one belongs to a neighbor down the street. I have too much shade in my yard to grow one 😦 We certainly could use a good cooling rain. I hope you also have a lovely weekend!

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