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One Golden Summer

I wake late

in the nucleus of summer

purple coneflowers

with coppery spikes gleaming

swaying in a solstice dance

I have climbed through

the brambles of blackberry bushes

watched scissor-tails bicker

from the porch

wished for more time

under the trumpet vine’s orange bliss

climbed trees

with leaves both green and golden

limbs that now tangle

in my memory

bending under the grape arbor

when life was full and fathomless

I have reminisced

with fringed blinds half drawn

seeing life’s movie stills

viewed more softly

through lace curtains



27 thoughts on “One Golden Summer

  1. Beautiful memories, Lana! Cheer up — the end of summer means cooler weather is on the way (and after the beastly heat y’all have had, that should be a relief!!)

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