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Creative Advice

Today is National Advice Day, I just made that up, but I could use some.  Book Trailers 101.  I’m speaking to you Indie writers and small publishing authors because I think you can feel my pain.  If you are one of those gifted people who work 60 hours a week, turn out voluminous novels at night, still manage to work out every day, skydive, gourmet cook on the weekends, and run two businesses on the side, then maybe I don’t need your advice because I already had a nervous breakdown.  I’m talking to the tortured poets, the angry short story writers, the vengeful cubicle dwellers.  Anyone who does their own promos.  If you have advice on programs (especially not those incredibly hard ones like Photoshop or Corel) or know of sites that have quality backgrounds and video clips in the public domain (free is always good :), then by all means, please share that advice.  I am posting a rough (very rough) draft that I have on my upcoming book.  I hope to get a friend who is a sound person (don’t know the tech name for that) to better mix the music with maybe a cheering football game track in it.  Hopefully.  Not sure if I will keep the music that I have in there now, I was just able to use the Rock Guy’s stuff and not have to worry about copyright. Also, if you like original hard rock music, please consider dropping by the Rock Guy’s band page and liking it:

Thanks in advance for your comments!




24 thoughts on “Creative Advice

  1. I have no idea about this book trailers but I must say yours look beautiful, simple yet beautiful. Keep it up. I hope you find ways to make it better like you want to.. Please do share about it someday/ 🙂 All the best for the book.

  2. Hey Lana! So I don’t really know a lot about programs so sorry I can’t help you with that. I don’t know if you are looking for criticism about the trailer in general but I have to say that I really do like rock guy’s music and have liked his page but don’t think it fits in with the video. I know some people who do mixing, not sure what they would charge if anything. My husband usually does a rough mix and then we have a friend who does the final mixing for free but it takes a while. This may be an awful thing to say, and please don’t feel obligated, but we have a song called My Mom Will Probably Kill Me but it kind of tells it’s own story so not sure if it would go with your trailer but you’re welcome to use it. I’d even offer to write and record a song for your trailer but it might take a while to get it done. May go better since it’s kids singing.

    • Thanks Marissa. I have a sound guy that mixes for the Rock Guy. It’s just getting him to do it. He owes Rock Guy lots of hours, so guess we will see if it happens. I was kinda leaning toward Rock Guy just playing guitar all the way through with no vocals. On the other side, my publisher isn’t really crazy about rock music, ha ha!

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