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Revisiting the Fog

The freezing fog

does not come in on little cat feet,


it comes in

on the razor’s edge of

a hungry coyote’s tooth

and hangs over

the dormant trees

biting them

with ashen grief

the cold is bitter

the distance is dim

the world is brittle and frozen

as if everything might snap apart

like fragile frozen icicles

but here we wait

on what seems to be

the edge of the world

the brim of oblivion

in anticipation

for winter to retract it’s cold, dead fingers

and lend us hope

for a forgiving spring

with puffy cotton clouds

and scattered diamond raindrops


I’m re-posting this winter poem from a long time ago.  As we are approaching the first of August and a long forecast of extended heat, I’m attempting to fool myself into imagining something cooler.  Winter memories, but I still maintain that summer is my favorite season.




17 thoughts on “Revisiting the Fog

  1. Oh, I needed that right now at the end of July with August ready to take its place even hotter! Excellent descriptions! I prefer the heat also and dread January. Cheers for the weekend – the heat is a good excuse for margaritas!

    • Yeah, I thought it might help to visualize a nice snow storm. I agree, I’m not too fond of January or February either, although I do like Valentine’s Day and all the chocolate. Margaritas would be a great way to cool off. I hope you have an enjoyable weekend!

  2. Um, maybe you need an ice cream cone? Or a nice slice of watermelon? Freezing fog isn’t something I’m looking forward to. But I do remember Texas heat — and the weather folks are already saying the next THREE months will be warmer than average. Sigh.

  3. Ice cream cone sounds great! Yeah, all kidding aside, I literally hate winter. The cold goes right through me. I do just fine in the summer, especially if I stay inside, ha ha, which I may be doing quite a bit of in August, for sure.

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