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In the City

In the city that faith built

life kneels in bent supplication

then sometimes it crawls

along dim alleys

and treacherous roads

where the disenfranchised gather

blessed are the poor….

the concept of greatness

way beyond their grasp.

They grasp instead

for basic air

for stark survival

hoping to hang on

beyond doors

of unpaid bills

bare cupboards

hot houses of discomfort

for you will always have

the poor with you.

They walk unsteadily

the cracked paths that grace forgot

in the city that faith built.




10 thoughts on “In the City

  1. i applaud you for writing on this topic. so many of us lead fairly comfortable lives, and it is too easy to forget that we are the exceptionally lucky ones. also, i like the sounds and insight expressed in this line: “the cracked paths that grace forgot.”

    • Thank you. I agree that many of us do not fully realize the plight that some people must experience daily. I have been working in a subsidized housing unit for disabled, handicap and elderly citizens who live on very limited means. They have been so nice, gracious and complimentary to me in spite of their adverse daily conditions. Amazing, precious people. I appreciate your lovely compliment.

      • no wonder you have such insight. i admire you for what you do, an important job helping folks who badly need the help, and you’re not getting rich doing it, that’s for sure. i wonder what other poems might be prompted by your experiences.

      • It is important to help these folks. I’m actually only helping out in the summer, the remaining portion of the year I’m a substitute teacher. The kids give some good material too, a lighter variety 🙂

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