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The Pain Game

He learned these streets early

rolled dice in drive-bys

delved into hustle with both hands.

Hope strung like an addict on 5th Street

no home no where

eviction notices posted

all over memory’s dark wallpaper.

Clothes bagged

stashed in the corner

running with a lie in his shoe

leaving in the night

cursed and crawling these city’s streets.

No work no way

gotta take that jive

do it all to survive

hunger burning a trench

in an empty stomach.

Handcuffs purposely made tight

another juvie hall dispatch

judge gavel slammed down

life slit and slotted now

through the cracks

they fall

rain crying softly

in this urban sprawl.



8 thoughts on “The Pain Game

  1. Sad that this happens at all, much less that it’s so common. Thanks for writing about it, even if you’re “preaching to the choir”!! And like DD, I just fell in love with the line, “running with a lie in his shoe”!!

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