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Darkside Stan – Miracle Challenge

“There is something about you, and I will find out soon,” Marge Smith muttered under her breath as she passed Stan’s cubicle. He looked up just in time to see her pass by, her snake eyes roaming the office as if looking for rodent prey. Stan glanced at the clock. One thirty, how time dragged its frazzled feet. He hated his job, same thing, day after day. Stan stapled things. He stacked papers. He glared at his computer screen, punched buttons on a copy machine as he reproduced charts, graphs, proposals. Office work-smirk, mind frozen numb. Work smarter Stan Ol’ Boy... It was a necessary evil, that scrawny little paycheck, keeping him churning like snake prey on a wheel. He had no friends, he didn’t want to talk to anyone. He was afraid they would find out, and Stan could never let that happen. He said very little, ate his lunch alone at the unpopular table in the break room, staring at the brightly colored snacks in the vending machines and the red and white cola machines, willing himself to be somewhere else before it was time to return to desk entrapment.

But as long and morbid as the days were, they were still nothing compared to the nights. Those days basking long under the fluorescent lights. When the clock finally flagged five o’clock, Stan put his stapler in its place, he adjusted the papers on his deskΒ and turned off the screen button on his computer. He was supposed to shut it down, but it never would start the next day, so he cheated by turning off the screen. He could escape snake-eyed Marge for a few hours. Her obsessive quest to find out things about Stan. Things which other people should never know. Things he never told anyone. Busy body office people. Why couldn’t they stay in their own cubicles with their irritating kids, dogs and vacation photos plastered randomly, their papers all out of order, and their computers blinking. There was a dark side to Stan, a side that ordinary people didn’t know, the sort of thing that Marge longed to find out.




37 thoughts on “Darkside Stan – Miracle Challenge

  1. Always, there is that busybody Marge poking into everyone’s business. I can see her cornering Stan, demanding to know his secrets, being brutally attacked with a stapler and found by the night shift cleaning lady. πŸ™‚

  2. Lana, I have the feeling maybe it’s best for Marge if she does’t find about more about Stan. As reader though I’m hooked – wonder where you’ll go with this. Well written, tau and as always love the detail.

  3. Okay, now that you’ve piqued my interest, ’tis most unfair for you to stop without telling me how this thing ends! I can see ALL sorts of possibilities (and the baying dog/wolf photo is just a tease!). Are you planning a short story, or something much longer?? Don’t stop now, okay?!

    • Oh Debbie, ha ha. This all began with a writing prompt. Then some people commented how intrigued they were by Stan. Then he started haunting me. I guess I may have a short story by the time it is over. Hopefully I will continue to get some inspiration on where Stan will go :0)

  4. Omg. I had missed this. You didnt let me know about Stan 😦
    Neither by tag nor Pingback nor by a comment πŸ˜₯
    I’m crying right now Garvin. πŸ˜₯
    Anyways that’s another chapter about stan. Good to know more dark about him ☺

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