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This perfection

found in a grasped hour

in those impromptu, unshattered moments

as time collides with harmony.

And when I look

will I find you in those seconds

in that epoch-honored peace

that is quietly bestowed

through the spirit of nature

from the grace of the Divine

in a place where

minutes fall away

like sprinkles from the hours

and there is simply us

in fragile bliss

a microcosm

caught in the caption of photos

filed in the book of memory.



24 thoughts on “Besotted

  1. A lovely piece, with so many wonderful images. The one that jumped out at me was that of minutes falling away like sprinkles from the hours. Simply beautiful L.T.

      • You’re welcome L.T. We haven’t had chance to chat for months . My fault entirely, as I’ve been totally neglecting my blog. Hopefully, now my book of flash fic pieces is finished and I just have my trilogy to complete, I’ll have a little more time. Hope all is well – and I love the look of your new book. 🙂

      • Thanks Millie. I knew that you have been busy writing. I have also considered not blogging due to time constraints, it is so difficult to fit everything in. The only thing is everyone expects authors to maintain a blog. Between blogging, and all the other administrative tasks in being a writer, when do they actually expect us to write our stories? Glad to hear you got some work finished. I do have two children’s books that should be out in a few weeks. I was excited but now I’m just discouraged as far as launches, publicity, etc. I hope all is well with you also!

  2. “… in those impromptu, unshattered moments
    as time collides with harmony…”
    Exquisite. Sometimes this is exactly how I experience time. Thank you for giving giving words to my experience.

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