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City Council of White Settlement, how did you decide?

To oust the library cat from his job when there was no upside

Tried? no cat in the stacks and the world is perturbed

Who cans the cat, firing him just like that, must be disturbed

Hello selfie girl is it you once again filling the news run?

from your car, your bedroom, your errands and out in the sun

Hon, you really must rethink what you post every hour

And that you are vain and becoming a bit lame like a wilted flower

You either run toward a thing or you head the opposite way

flee or embrace the advice we seek, already knowing the sway

Hey, it’s quite fitting we believe anything as life becomes a riddle

When you pause and kindly reflect upon the cause and move from the middle

And so they say they can make America great again

time travel back to the fifties way back when

then we need more than the spew that you do, stop talking that smack

empty lies and promises you spout only create doubt, your speeches are whack

Regarding the 1st issue, I am happy to announce that there was indeed an upside, as Bowser, the library cat from White Settlement (why did they name this town that?) has been given his job back.  The photo below is not actually Bowser, but it is a free-use photo of a library cat somewhere.  If you are interested in Bowser, there is a great deal you can find out about him on Google.



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