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Sayre Foss Lake

The squall line came in from the west

bringing gusts from a rain shield

fiercely filling that once empty lake

whose murky waters had long swallowed those

turning blind on a short road

new rain

churning dead land

into an oasis of green

claiming that

pioneer settlement once again

now drifted and anchored bottom down

indiscriminate waves rise

like watery mercenaries

making haste

overtaking shoreline

masking history

covering sins



29 thoughts on “Sayre Foss Lake

  1. The early settlement having hidden sins under the water is a great way to become inspired by this scene. Under the dark, murky water there may have green, but it is covering up, as you mentioned in last stanza, a less than green past. Nicely described and beautiful photos, Lana.

    • Thanks Robin. This is based on factual info found when a nearby lake receded during our massive drought. I think it would be good book material. The photo is from Pixabay, I like their offerings. I also like your new profile photo!

      • I should think you could write a book about this using historical fiction since your creative, “fertile” mind could fill in the blanks, Lana. 🙂
        I meant to tell you I like your gravatar which really shows so much of your independent and creative personality. xo

      • Thanks so much, Robin. It would make a good book, there is probably more information on it in the newspaper archives. The challenge for me to keep writing is time…I guess that’s the obstacle for all of us. xoxo

  2. I see you’ve got a new photo — it seems to capture your personality, and I like it! I like this poem, too. “Watery mercenaries” is a great phrase!

  3. “Covering sins” – I like that analogy. You replied in a comment that it was based on a true story. It reminds me of the drought we had in Texas a few years ago and the dry lake bed revealed things that had been covered in water before. Well done! Let us hope that we do not have another one that bad this year!

    • It is amazing what comes to light during a massive drought. I think it would make a good novel. Thanks for the compliment. I agree, I hope we don’t have another drought at least for a long time.

  4. Great poem, Lana. I have read this many times now, finding new layers and depths each time. How often isn’t the past evil deeds covered over, hidden – only to be unearthed at a later stage. Both by floods or other deeds. Love the lines: ‘indiscriminate waves rise / like watery mercenaries’.

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