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Animals Galore

Where can you find such entertaining rhymes as:

to be small is just peachy

oh to be fuzzy and free

it’s quite a look

for an animal, you see

fuzzy it is

fuzzy she was

what do you do

when you have all that fuzz?

Well, you might not find that one, mainly because I forgot to put it in the book, but there are other colorful animals that clamor for attention.

As always, I would like to thank Corbin Hillam and all talented illustrators who bring characters to life and give them zing!

Animals Galore cover sketch

Animal Poems  Animeaux final 3&4

Animal Poems Fredator final

Animal Poems Eggplant Elephant final 3&4


21 thoughts on “Animals Galore

  1. Lieutenant, you have some interesting looking animals !!!!!! I hereby salute you!!! If you remember the Hee Haw program, they always said “Saaaaa loot”

  2. These are a joy, such a light touch, funny and sweet. The Fredator’s grin is slightly scary though!!😀😀😀 they are for your book? Have I missed this??

    • Annika, thanks so much! Yes, they are for my book, I have two children’s books that are coming out in a few weeks. Thanks for the feedback, I’m taking a second look at the Fredator to see if I need to rein him in a bit, ha ha.

  3. This will attract children and parents who enjoy new, fresh picture books.You have such warm, comical animal descriptions, in the form of poetry. I loved this selection, Lana! 🙂

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