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La Flor

Like a gift

sprang up

near the salty air and sea

one brilliant flower unfolded

vibrant and soft

spun flash and red fire

anchored at the center of crowds

this magnetic force

quickened pulses and hearts

songs spilling forth

unmistakable rhythmic beat

step up center stage

turned Tejano music

up a notch or two

young girls packed the sidelines

idolizing, grasping

collecting the sparks of her

as they ignited

pulled them up

gave them star quality

like a perfect flower

sun drenched, bathed in beauty

but moments spin fast

destiny’s ragged breath caught

the red fire of this flower

bright light extinguished

but even now

the music drifts

like the white sand dunes

spills out over the years

and the wind catches

the sound of her

and whispers in the salty air…


“Como la flor

con tanto amor…”

A Texas Star Hibiscus. Β I thought it fitting that one star from my garden pay tribute to another Texas star who gave so much during her short life here.




14 thoughts on “La Flor

  1. I love Hibiscus! Sadly, we didn’t plant any this year, but I’ll enjoy yours from afar. It’s so tragic when a young person dies before they’ve had a chance to rise. Selena had a lovely voice…and much promise. She was taken far too soon. Thank you for a lovely tribute to her!

    • Hibiscus is one of my favorites. The Star is native to Texas, so it is a perennial. I have a tropical hibiscus in a pot that I have to drag inside my sunroom before frost every season. Glad you enjoyed my tribute to this special young woman. Thanks so much, have a lovely day!

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