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Like the Lady of Shalott

They say she writes from

high atopΒ a glitzy glass tower

her frailty seeping through

in melancholy ink.

A lovelorn poet lost

she rifles memory’s pages

and mines the melted history there.

She writes as a loom weaver

who wove threads of tapestry long ago

in the rooms showy sun forgot

sifting through shadows of Camelot.

Never once did a soul peer

behind the veiled curtain there

to see her poetic sorrows.

This mirrored world

from dizzying heights

scattered wishes

in inky shadows.

Impulsive and soft,

that easy heart flutters

but the testament remains hereto:

“she hath no loyal knight and true.”

We might know her gift

see those scars

if she left the tower

but alas, the cost is dear

to pursue this last Lancelot.

They say she writes of

gossamer wings

an escape among the galaxies

silver-tongued soliloquies

mapping stars in eventide fantasy.



17 thoughts on “Like the Lady of Shalott

  1. i have seen some paintings of the Lady of Shallot. i especially like “She writes as a loom weaver/ who wove threads of tapestry long ago” because of how it speaks to the beauty of what women create. as i write this my wife creates something lovely with her fingers and two needles.

    • Oh I’ll bet the paintings are quite lovely. I always picture the Tennyson poem in my mind, and try to recall the finer points from English class. Creativity is so important in life, I think, I don’t do needle work, but did in the past. I paint some, make jewelry and repurpose old furniture. I hope you are having a wonderful week.

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