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As the wind blows around

those silos there

and grains scatter from

the hand of care

the sun is going down

on the village builder.

A harridan disrupts this peace

flimsy time rattles

this rock, now a sinking stone

waves crash in loss unison.

The lighthouse glow grows dimmer

sundowners is coming round

those eyes once knew

all the story

that needed to be told

now focus shifts from this world

when the heartbeat grasps faintness.

As evening time creeps

casts memories on the wall

the corner of the room

shields a golden secret.

Tomorrow must alight

as it has for all the ages

village people will venture out and

write cryptic stories on shaded pages

but the builder sails away tonight

from a place that has no sea

from the harbinger of fate

to the soliloquy of dreams.



15 thoughts on “Sundown

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    You have got a gift for writing.

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