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Saturday Night

We are lost in this land

down from Farm to Market Road

golden sinking slowness behind us

approaching Saturday night

at the cafe.

Catfish, ice tea

decor stuck in the seventies

you are out with the ketchup girl tonight.

Waitress has a wide gap grin

cramped feet and crumpled dreams

caring for these country people.

Red state like the salsa,

but I prefer guacamole

they’ll begrudge you a living

but help you fix a flat

pick you up for church

and bring you fried chicken.

But now, there’s the dark highway home

wild hogs roam the night

narrow road veers

through the abundance of this country.

Your wild heart beating

love in skipped measure

I touch your shoulder

understand the softness

of the side of your face

and appreciate all that

those brown eyes have seen.

Image courtesy of Pixabay



10 thoughts on “Saturday Night

  1. I like it. Emotive and imaginative. Reminds me of my own upbringing in the Peace River country – that would be waaaaay up north from you. It wasn’t that much different there, the folks, that is.

    • Thank you, I do like to portray regional areas, but hopefully also share some insight. I couldn’t quite capture what I wanted to on this one, but I went with it. Country folks probably have a lot in common wherever they are from. Thanks again for reading, hope you had a great weekend!

  2. i enjoy the people you describe and the way you approach them — with acceptance and even love. This line is my favorite:” you are out with the ketchup girl tonight.” no pretentiousness here!

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