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The Forest

Between the moss

and the sun’s misty rays

a majestic explosion of

enormous woody trees

the vibrancy of life’s core

secrets strewn with leaves

made from green and glory

primeval roots race deep

into the center of earth’s sacred past

embrace those twining branches

bending to whisper your name

a lift from sadness

from the modern madness

those flowers wild

tame for a moment with your gaze

and breath the air

of cedar pure

and listen quietly

to the ancient story.




31 thoughts on “The Forest

  1. You’re allowed to make up works too! No one can say that your words are wrong if you make them up. You’re your own dictionary!!!

  2. I can even misspell “words,” and make it “works,” as can clearly be seen. So, you have my permission make up any word/work that you desire!!!! I’ve got your back!!!!!!! lol

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