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The Funeral

Last stop

church pews

sunlight streaming

through stained glass windows

wooden casket

for a metal maker

lost that tug-o-war

Death pulled harder.

Now he is all dressed up

frozen in Sunday best

and this tiny hamlet is quite.

Organ playing notes of

harmony and peace

Swing Low, Sweet Chariot.

The aroma of lilies and carnations

mixes with hymnals and southern grace.

I’m reverently dreaming

saying my condolence-laced farewell

until my childhood begins filmstrip streaming

year by year

through that glass window above.

The smell of her scented soap

my grandmother’s knobbed fingers

bespeaking years of toil

now stroke my hair.

I see skinned knees

ice cream making

Sunday dinners

gym floor basketball

the town pool I once thought was the ocean

chicken fried food

okra on the stalk.

Oh those summer drenched days

I see my sister

long gone from this world

laughing at me from a distance

turning the knob of her transistor radio.

My tears flowing like the Red Sea,

I can touch those colored rays before me,

but I can never reclaim them

they skirt beyond the edges of the casket

masquerading behind the roses and death lilies.

My childhood tree swing

disappears into the clouds

the Reverend beckons us

in true, slow Southern style,

“Be ready folks,” but he says it

much more poetic like.

Service ends,

Pink Floyd takes over

Comfortably Numb

spills over church stereo.

I walk forward to say

another goodbye

those church bells ringing

and Time gallantly swinging.


12 thoughts on “The Funeral

  1. I enjoyed your poem. It made an impact on my own feelings of loss. “I see my sister

    long gone from this world

    laughing at me from a distance

    turning the knob of her transistor radio.” This hit a personal note. Other parts did as well. Nicely done.

    • Thank you so much. Loss has a way of unraveling and leading us back to those who have gone before. I had not expected to be hit with it in such a large dose at my friend’s recent funeral but there it was….

  2. Goodbyes can make us say hello again to a lot of old memories. My condolences to you, and thanks for sharing your experience in this poignant poem. 🙂

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