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Morning Time

Sun sheen in the eastward sky

painting the hibiscus

in red streaked illumination

tropical imagination

highlighting the hopeful heart leaves

of purple morning glory.

Those things with feathers

the original angry birds

one pissed off cardinal

sending chippety-chirps

carefully coded reminders

that seeds have not yet rained from the sky

in sunflower abandon.

I have, in these years,

discarded the ragged

too late sleep of my youth

to embrace these meek mornings

first light, sky regal

as if God’s fingertips

are imparting strands of

gleaming, glimmering vibrance.

Raking radiance

in abundance

as sacred rays of sunlight

seal this covenant

with nature.




35 thoughts on “Morning Time

  1. Those are gorgeous words and lovely flowers, Lana. I have a similar emotional connection with nature, I like your wording it as a “covenant.” Nature renews my spirit and gives me energy. 🙂

    • Thanks so much Sarah. I love hibiscus too, although this is is a tropical one so I have to drag it inside before winter, a labor intensive endeavor. I also have one that is native to my area and it is also pretty but not as lovely as the tropical one. Have a wonderful day also!

      • You´re very welcome! 🙂 I, too, have to drag my hibisci (?) inside, but it´s worth the effort, isn´t it? They are such lovely flowers 🙂 Everytime they blossom, I feel a bit like I´m in Hawaii or somewhere similar 🙂

      • Oh yes they are. I also feel like I’m somewhere else…somewhere I’d rather be, ha ha. I was actually reading a quote today by Lady Bird Johnson. She said, “where there are blooms, there is hope.” I rather like it. I hope you enjoy a summer full of wonderful flowers!

  2. Inspiring words for nature! Alas, I seldom see the sun as it rises even as I age. Have a safe Memorial Day. Enjoy these mild days so far as we go into summer. The rains so far have been welcome except for the flooding, of course.

      • Oh that’s nice. It’s been really slow to heat up here. It actually doesn’t get really warm here until the middle of July anyway but this year has been especially cold.

      • It must have something to do with El Nino, although I thought that was supposed to end up not being a big deal. When we were in the drought, I researched the weather every day (we were in danger of having our lakes dry up). Didn’t know whether to run or where to run to. Now that it has been raining like crazy, I no longer know what type of weather pattern is occurring. I was wearing long sleeves the end of May. That never happens….

      • Yeah, we were pretty close. It’s supposed to get hot this week but now I’m more concerned about NY weather being that we’ll be there in less than a week. I can never predict the weather. I have no idea how one even does that.

      • That’s… unbelievable! Maybe I should try my HTC phone instead of my old Canon camera – I could get a pleasant surprise. It’s just so hard for me to accept that that little flat thingy can even take pictures, never mind good ones! Got to move along with the technology, I guess. Good side is, if it works, it’ll save me money, batteries… and space! Next kayak outing, I’m taking the phone. Thanks for letting me know how you do it.

      • Sure thing. You might be surprised. I do have a Nikon camera that I have been learning to use and keep putting it down because it takes time although truly it does very well on the “automatic” button. It is very convenient to only have to carry a cell phone, though. I’ll be watching for those kayak photos!

  3. lovely photos. thanks for those. i enjoyed the poem, especially the lines “discarded the ragged/ too late sleep of my youth” because of the wonderful metaphor comparing sleep with something tactile, such as worn cloth. and “one pissed off cardinal” reminds me of how important humor is when getting through the day.

  4. Lana, an inspirational poem on the sanctity of nature; harnessing its spiritual strength. I love your final lines of:

    ‘as sacred rays of sunlight

    seal this covenant

    with nature.’

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