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Attention Monster

Summer is almost here which brings it closer to the upcoming football season which brings it closer to unleashing the whimsical characters in my book, Confessions of a 4th Grade Athlete.  There are many valid questions that begged to be answered:

Why are we football-obsessed in the South?

Why do we love working out in 100+ degree weather?

Why do we chase an oblong leather ball around like our lives depended on it?

None of these questions; however, are answered in this book.  Nope, for those answers you will have to look elsewhere, but in this book you can discover a boy named Nate and his quest to become a star athlete amidst the scholarly demands of elementary school.  So I will be writing, blogging, promoting, reading and generally working pretty hard this summer.  I am not sure at this time if the saga of Nate will continue or not, as the Attention Monster is apparently holding my imagination hostage as he sometimes did when Nate attempted to concentrate in class.

If you would like some insight on the crazy game of football, and how we glorify it, then here is my  nostalgic summation of that all-important last game:

You can also see that Nate may closely resemble this young man who did achieve a measured amount of local glory upon that hallowed football field that holds the dreams and aspirations of the populations of both large and small towns all over the nation as we grasp the long and wondrous days of summer and watch them unfold into the promise of fall.  You can also see that this sentence is much too long.  Hoping everyone in WordPress Land has a great Memorial Day weekend for those who celebrate it.

Illustrations by: Corbin Hillam.  Publication by Crystal Publishing, LLC

-4th Grd Ath Attention Monster final


-4th Grd Ath Welcome final




10 thoughts on “Attention Monster

  1. Lana, best of luck with your book! I love the premise of it and already have a feel for Nate. Hope you have lots of fun amongst the hard work of promoting etc – I’ll look out for your posts.

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