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Day 3 Quote Martial Arts Mode

Today’s quote is rather pithy, mainly because I like saying the word, “pithy”. At first, I was a little leery of quoting Mr. Carradine due to… ahem, the mysterious nature of his demise and all, but then I read it and decided it was just too good. I have always been a huge martial arts fan, embracing that wonderful seventies music now rehashed as TV commercials. Who doesn’t like Kung Fu fighting? This also brings back memories of Chaka Khan and nun-chuck dancing, but I won’t bore anyone with my stifled music career today.

“If you cannot be a poet, be the poem.”
–David Carradine

Okay, now seriously, I don’t know if you guys like this or not, but I do. It has that certain, “Be like water” vibe. So if the poem is not coming to you, take a selfie and think up a title and voila!..you become the poem. Maybe that would take the stress out of it. What do you think?  Thanks again to Hand Crafted Creativity at: https://handcraftedcreativity.wordpress.com/




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