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Why do you toil there

lean and listless

fair maiden

hugging shades

of desperation?

Where is that

pumpkin and prince

from cottage to castle

promises galore

forever more?

Fairy godmother

finicky one

standing in twilight

hair undone.

She lost her wand

that concocted sweet magic

and you wash and clean

sidestepping the tragic.

Beware they come

the monstrous ones

the glass shoe shuns.

Out there somewhere

a carriage awaits.

The prince with a kingdom

you must find some way

not hiding in the mists

or lost in verdant woods.

Can’t run in glass slippers

see, that cut runs deep

no time to daydream

no time to sleep.

Look sharp, Buttercup,

the hickory clock chimes

scattered gold dust twinkles

magic pumpkin pursue

embrace the shoe

that will save you.





14 thoughts on “Cinderella

  1. Lana, this is really wonderful. You added intriguing details which give foreboding feelings and fear of not realizing the happy ending for Cinderella.
    Obstacles threaten the story plot:
    What happened to Cinderella to make her so listless? How did the Fairy Godmother lose or misplace her magic wand? Can Cinderella make it to the ball and rise up away from the cinders? xo

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