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Motivation and Multi-Tasking

In the corner there

staring back at me

children’s poems rattle

like rebellious toys.

The middle of some

half-finished book

has fled its story line

and dares to question.

Short stories flirt

like wayward gypsies

as an arrogant French man

demands to learn his fate.

Poems rush forth

storming the gate

releasing themselves

in gusts of wind

as a blue man

slips through loopholes

badgering me for freedom.

Meanwhile a pile of unread books

promises to transport me

away from these fettered fiends

into the solace

of someone else’s stories.




24 thoughts on “Motivation and Multi-Tasking

  1. I love the line, “short stories flirt like wayward gypsies”… I can’t tell you how many flirt with me. I did wonder if the blue man in question here was a certain bank robber?

  2. Been there, done that!! Why is it that writers seem prone to procrastination? If we “love” to write — and most of us claim we do — why do we find “excuses” not to?

  3. This is superb! I so enjoyed reading this. You capture the ‘madness’ of writing and the brain unleashed and yes, your final lines sum up my source of solace, quiet too :

    ‘Meanwhile a pile of unread books

    promises to transport me

    away from these fettered fiends

    into the solace

    of someone else’s stories.’

    • Thank you, Annika 🙂 Sometimes I think we might be overwhelmed, especially if we have too many irons in the fire, as my grandmother used to say. I do love a promising stack of unread books 😀

  4. Truly lovely how you capture the torn emotions and essence of being a writer, Lana.
    It is certainly true, first I don’t find time to write (my stories range from young to old characters, too!) I don’t seem to ever get caught up o blogging, and my personal life is last, behind my pile of reading. I am truly considering just posting a limited amount in the summer months. Not sure if I will be able to read other’s blogs or put this part of blogging on the back burner.

    • Oh Robin, I certainly understand. It is a massive undertaking to attempt to work, spend time with family, maintain an interactive blog, write your own things, and read. I personally believe that reading is an important process in being a writer. I would never have written a thing without having been a reader first. I agonize over this limited time thing all the time 😦

      • Robin and Lana, I truly empathise over the various commitments pulling us in so many directions. From experience, taking a total breakf from blogging over the summer months works! As I travel to Sweden where there is no wifi or 3G for many weeks in the summer the decision to have a blogging break was taken out of my hands. I let everyone know beforehand, explained I would be away from their blogs as well, asked for understanding and said I would be back late August. To my surprise, everything went well, still surprising amount of views even when I was never on and also things back to normal within a week! I was relaxed, had a lovely holiday with family, travelling around, fresh to start again. Plus a chanc e to catch up on all the reading – bliss!

  5. your delightful poem reminds me of how important reading is to many of us. as a wannabe poet i especially enjoyed how you characterized the impact of poetry: “Poems rush forth/ storming the gate/ releasing themselves/ in gusts of wind.” i love the energy!

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