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A Season of Rain

Now the rain comes

in heavy measure

from a disgruntled rain god

after long years

of drought and desecration

suffocating the cactus

drowning the land

this raging, rabid rain claws

excavating the once burnt fields

as if digging for some ancient sea

long buried in geologic time

washing off now silent skulls

of dehydrated animals

submerging scars

rolling torrents of water

deluge into arroyos

rocks too slick to climb

deceptive roads

birth instant lakes

swallowing cars and livestock

in the distance

the heavy crash foreboding

the wet earth dreads

this misplaced monsoon

we watch the clouds roll

hoping to stem the relentless tide

hoping to hold the thunder at bay




22 thoughts on “A Season of Rain

  1. Ah, I know that feeling well. When I lived in the SF bay area, we’d pray for rain. And then when it finally came, it seemed as if the heavens would never close up again. Great poem.

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